This code of ethics is subscribed to, enacted and directed to the elimination and prevention of unethical practices and unfair trade practices in the Roofing, Metal and Heating contracting business. To the end that the business of the fellow members may be conducted under fair and competitive conditions, and that the public, as well as the Association will be protected from such harmful practices.
  • To seek success and demand a fair remuneration or profit, but to accept no profit or success at the price of my own self-respect having been lost because of unfair advantage taken of my competitor.
  • Never offer a guarantee for a period longer than is customary in the trade for that particular type of roofing. Sell the job on the merits of its quality, rather than on the offered guarantee.
  • To elevate the standard of workmanship in our craft and promote better understanding of new materials and their proper application.
  • Advertise and sell our services on its merits and refrain from attacking our competitors or reflecting unfairly upon their reputation or their methods of doing business.
  • Tell the customer what they want to know, what they have a right to know and should know about what is offered, so that they may buy wisely and obtain the maximum satisfaction for their roofing dollar.
  • To remember that in building up my business it is not necessary to tear down another; to be loyal to my customers and my Association,
  • To make the Association synonymous with economy, quality workmanship and sound business practices. To always seek ways and means of improving our serv:ces, estimating techniques and installation methods.
  • Constantly strive to upgrade the proficiency and dignity of the roofing mechanic by providing him with text books, proper instruction and the opportunity for his advancement. To pay him a wage commensurate with his ability.
  • Remembering always to maintain the American principle of free enterprise. That a man in business is entitled to a fair profit over and above his cost. Never ask for or attempt to induce a breach of contract, between our competitor and his customer, by price cutting or defamation of his character.
  • Always to uphold our reputation by offering to our customers, quality roofing, installed according to the highest possible standards, in keeping with fair prices.
  • Remember, from our customers, come our profits, our standard of living, in fact our way of life. So treat him as a benefactor, give him value, service, and make a sincere effort to honor our guarantee, thus he becomes our most important asset.
Established 1903
Celebrating over 110 years of industry professionalism and quality workmanship.
Our members have always been committed to the highest standard of competence, character and integrity.